What is the difference between an University and a College?

Universities are educational institutions attended after at least 12 years of school, or after secondary school, for studies leading to a degree and research. All Canadian Universities four year bachelors degree programs; most offer one to two years master’s degree and a number also offer doctoral or PhD programs. Bachelor Degrees can be granted by Universities, some colleges and some Institutes in Canada. Community colleges are two-year institutions that offer technical or vocational courses or courses for transfer to a university, leading to a certificate or diploma. These colleges do not generally offer degree programs.

How much value would a Diploma hold?

Colleges offer a wide variety of Career-oriented programs like Advance Diplomas/ Diplomas/ Certificates. These programs are specially designed to give students the opportunity to learn and develop many marketable skills in their preferred career. It emphasizes on the technical aspects providing hands-on experience and fundamentals of the program. These programs give the students a practical background that employers demand and help them get jobs easily. It may often happen that students who have completed a vocational program may get better jobs/salaries than those who have studied in a University Degree Program.

Do I need Health Insurance?

Yes. Health Insurance is mandatory. You will have to arrange for medical coverage before you arrive in. Medical coverage varies from province to province, and sometimes from university to university within each province.

Is my spouse/dependant allowed to work in Canada?

If your spouse or any dependant wants to work while in Canada, they must apply for their own work permit. Your Spouse Permit will be valid for the same period that you are authorized to study in Canada.

Can I work after Graduation?

Students may work up to one year if they have completed a one year program and upto 3 years if they have completed 2 years or more programs.

How can ABEC help me?

Once you contact with us and provide your details, we will check you details then find the best possible institutes according to you subject of choice. Moreover, if you existing documents in not enough our professional experts will give you direction so that you can get the required documents quickly.

For Immigration clients, we give the best possible direction to our clients to submit their application meeting 100% requirements of the high commission.


What are the some of the documents required in applying for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees?

  • Application Form and fees (if applicable)
    Transcript in English
  • All academic certificates and mark sheets in English)
  • IELTS score
  • GMAT and Work experience are required for some business related programs.
  • Two or three letters of recommendation from either your instructor or former employer (if applicable)
  • Resume/CV


As a full time student you are allowed to apply for employment on the college campus and / or for a co-op position during the co-op term of your program. In order to work.



How can I communicate with ABEC?

Please log in contact and here you can find all detail address and phone number also.



Can ABEC provide any support after arriving in Australia?

As very committed to our service we well groomed every student through our expert team before their departure. We have some associations in Australia as well in order to follow up with our clients.



Can I work full time during term time?

Yes, you can work full time in your academic year when you will be on long holidays. You just need to provide a reference letter from your institution mentioning vacation dates to your employer.



Is it worth enough to study in a high ranked institute with extremely higher tuition fees?

From our own experiences we have seen that high ranked institutions have the highest graduate success rate. It means, those who studied these institutions were able to manage a well paid job. If it happens in your case then obviously you will get your return in short period of time.